About us

About us


From standard mail-order to e-commerce

Founded in 1997, BSL has become a major player in e-logistics over the course of only a few years. Here are some of the most important events in the history of our logistics company which mark the transition from mail order to specialising in e-commerce.

  • Bretagne Services Logistiques, a subsidiary company wholly owned by the Yves Rocher group, is founded in May 1997. As well as delivering cosmetic products for the first time, the company gains its first international experience with exports to the UK. It has about 20 employees and works for a unique customer.

  • The company is taken over by Rolf Beyer, its current CEO. BSL becomes a multi-customer business by signing its first contract with Atlas for Men – the company’s  first customer in textile logistics.

  • BSL has succeeded in signing several important contracts with new customers. The company branches out, becoming a multi-site company with one site in Saint Jacques de la Lande and one site in Bruz.

    Woodbrass becomes the first pure-player company among BSL’s customers.

  • BSL passes the 5 million packages mark and now employs 150 people. New customers join BSL on a regular basis. BSL now has a strong presence in the e-commerce sector.

    The Club des Créateurs de Beauté joins BSL, entrusting the company with its outsourced logistics.

    BSL becomes more and more international, providing services for its customers all the way to Japan via the EU or even Russia.

  • BSL now boasts 30,000 m² of warehousing thanks to the extension of the Saint Jacques site. The company’s range of customers has become more and more diverse, with more interesting projects in the pipeline ... and our journey is certainly not over yet!