About us

About us


Our values are at the core of BSL's identity. They are the basis of all our dealings with our customers, partners and co-workers

Our teams at BSL are united by simple values which are the lifeblood of the company.

These values truly come to bear in everyday business. Our principles constitute the identity of Bretagne Services Logistiques and are applied as a matter of course when working together or interacting with our customers.

Les valeurs de BSL

Solidarité et implication
  • Accepting other people’s differences while at the same time ensuring that rules, procedures and means provided by the company be respected.

  • Putting the common good before personal interests. Helping each other, team awareness, being able to rely on each other.

  • Being attentive and available. Avoiding prejudice and being capable of listening in order to deliver the best possible results.

  • Being focused. Personally contributing to meeting the requirements of the company as well as of its customers every day. Having a keen interest in everything to do with the company.

  • Meeting the commitments made when carrying out our work as well as devoting the time and attention necessary. Always focusing on the customer-supplier relationship internally as well as externally.