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Focus on e-commerce

Adaptation and innovation in response to your requirements

Understanding your lineof work
to ensure a targeted response

The e-commerce sector has expanded rapidly in just a few years. Based on know-how gained in the mail order sector, on-line business has completely changed our way of life: it has given rise to new legislation and created new jobs as well as innovative logistical practices which in turn demand organisation and the ability to react to situations quickly. Between social networks, the emergence of the market place and developments in tele-marketing, at BSL we keep up with trends and develop new ideas, enabling us to adapt solutions and respond to new challenges in a relevant and effective way...

At BSL, our range covers all the classic logistics services:

• warehousing: goods reception, checking, stocking,
• order preparation: picking and packing, packaging administration
• dispatch: advice and procurement around the service providers
  in BtoC and BtoB, within France and internationally...
• administering returned goods: checking, analysis, reintegrating, …
• computerised administration:
  an efficient instrument and an
  experienced team.

On the surface, the offer of run-of-the-mill satisfaction… In practice, a portfolio of well-directed, systematic services and specialist know-how based on perfect knowledge of mail order, e-commerce and the specific demands of these business sectors.

Our customers have various kinds of business concepts: pure-player or multi-channel retailer, selling on one main site, with or without an additional outlet on the market …
At BSL we offer a set of logistic services tailored to the customer’s requirements, completely
in line with his value chain philosophy. The communication methods we recommend are designed
around your structures to achieve the best possible result. At BSL we use efficient
computerised systems
that can provide the key to outsourcing as well as to your speedy success.