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The role of logistics within the company

The outsourcing decision

For the outsourcing of your logistics to be a success, it is important to describe your expectations in detail. BSL shows you how to go about this best.

Deciding to outsource means accepting that a considerable amount of the services provided for the end customer are delegated. However, in order to outsource successfully, it is paramount to stay in touch with the customer while at the same time being in perfect agreement with the service provider chosen.

Before you decide to outsource, it is advisable to fully understand the areas of responsibility involved, enabling you to choose the right service provider for the right reasons.

  • When outsourcing logistics, it is wise to ask yourself some questions: what are the advantages and, of course, what are the risks of oursourcing?

    There are two sides to this choice: the impression of “handing over the reins” to a service provider can result in fear of losing control over your own business. However, if the process of delegating certain tasks is well organised, it means you can focus your time and energy on purchasing, marketing and selling…

    When reflecting on the opportunities offered by outsourcing, e-traders often realise that entrusting a partner with their logistics holds many advantages. However, it is advisable to be circumspect, remaining aware of how important logistics and the choice of a suitable partner or solution are.

    Apart from asking yourself the question “what are the advantages of outsourcing?” (and, as we shall see later on, there are many indeed), you also have to ask yourself “how will outsourced logistics fit in with the rest of the business?” and also and especially “which objective criteria have to be considered when choosing a service provider?”

    Clear answers to these questions will be helpful in defining the specifications required to obtain precise answers from the service provider consulted regarding their ability to provide the services required within the scope of a truly integrated offer.


    Let us forget about the points of consideration not to be neglected when choosing a service provider and let us concentrate instead on the advantages of outsourcing for a moment.


    when faced with considerable growth or high seasonality, outsourcing logistics allows you to rely on a service provider with experience in managing strong fluctuations in activity.

    This is the case with BSL: our experience in the field of e-commerce means that responding quickly and being flexible is a matter of course for us. We constantly strive to be one step ahead of developments, but also know how to benefit from pooling teams. 


    drawing on varied experiences, your service provider is ready to adapt to your requirements without wanting to impose rigid structures and offers a fresh perspective to the job at hand as well as skills acquired whilst working for other customers.

    BSL clearly has real advantages to offer in this field. BSL dispatches 6 million orders annually for about 30 customers from varying backgrounds. Our company’s wealth of experience means that BSL definitively has a competitive edge with regard to:


    BSL works together with businesses selling very different products with a wide range of logistical constraints.

    Computer interfacing:

    BSL controls its WMS sources. BSL’s WMS adapts to your interchange format, your set-up and your expectations concerning communications.

    its broad range of services:

    BSL provides internet and business management as well as customer care solutions. Moreover, drawing on its international experience gained throughout Europe, BSL has come up with ideal solutions in the fields of transportation and buying by mail order while at the same time adapting interfaces accordingly…


    working together with a logistics service provider allows you to optimise logistical costs. At least this is our philosophy at BSL. Constantly looking to improve our performance, BSL offers you a competitive price based on several factors:

    Pooling teams:

    makes it possible to eliminate “unproductive time” even during times of low activity. This is a real advantage in the field of outsourcing logistics.

    Reducing fixed costs:

    BSL presents you with an offer covering a significant share of fixed costs. We estimate the cost of storage by analysing your product base very carefully. Our goal is to keep the warehousing space required to a minimum while at the same time maximising logistical efficiency.

    Optimising variable costs:

    BSL does not impose structures, but adapts its work processes to meet its customers’ needs. Our philosophy impacts directly upon the way we optimise rates. Some of our customers will benefit from work processes being carried out manually, while others are better served with automised production processes.

  • BSL does not only assume the role of service provider. BSL becomes your partner in logistics. We believe that preparing to outsource means so much more than merely drawing up specifications.

    Truly understanding the project at hand requires a good grasp of your corporate culture, and it is also important to consider the role of logistics in your value chain. Logistical decisions affect the way a company is structured and organised in many ways.

    We at BSL believe that discussing your project in advance is indispensible, as this helps us find out about your questions, wishes and concerns, thus enabling us to deliver the results you require. Over and above submitting our prices, we believe it is essential to forge a partnership.

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