Our offer

BSL is with you every step of the way


As logistical organisation is essential for all e-commerce projects, BSL provides advice on all organisational matters.

Looking after potential and present customers is BSL’s top priority.


Regardless of whether the customer decides to outsource in the end or not, BSL is ready to see through ambitious projects and provide assistance, support and operational advice.


Thanks to its varied experience in numerous fields linked to logistics, BSL has the necessary resources to supervise its customers’ projects, even if the question of outsourcing does not arise.

  • BSL offers advice on projects entailing following aspects:


    • Developing e-commerce activities
    • General organisation and implementation
    • Computing advice: ERP and WMS
    • Operational advice concerning the industrial plant
    • Continued operational support and project management
    • International expansion
    • Advice on purchasing and acquiring transportation