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Our offer

A range completely adapted to suit the needs of e-commerce

BSL - logistique VAD e-commerce

At the service
of the most demanding customers

As a specialised logistics provider, we at BSL offer a complete service package. BSL takes charge of all aspects of the supply chain. Goods reception, stock administration, picking, packaging and dispatch are at the core of our expertise. Getting every aspect of our service perfectly right is our trade mark at Bretagne Services Logistiques. Aware of our customer’s needs, we look at the specific job in hand and tailor our response accordingly to suit the requirements.

Looking after our customers is one of our key objectives at BSL.
With this in mind we have developed a range of additional services:

  • • Advice on logistical organisation
  • • Business management
  • and back-up services
  • • Computing advice and setting up
  • specific solutions
  • • Reverse logistics
  • • Advice on acquiring transport
  • • Retail logisitcs

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Thanks to our customised infrastructure and our workers’ total commitment, the quality of service at BSL is second to none. The customer can choose the framework that suits him best to outsource his logistics.

  • • an integrated quote : encompassing all aspects, at BSL we provide an all-in-one logistic service.
  • • an individual quote : the customer chooses to outsource only a part of his work and keep the rest in the company.
  • • a convenience quote : the customer relies on BSL to complete a special job or to relieve pressure at a peak period
  • or manage a temporary co-packing requirement