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Offering outsourced logistics

Outsourcing logistics offers many advantages to companies wishing to focus on their actual business. Now what you need is a partner who fits in perfectly… and this is what BSL has to offer.

The decision to outsource logistics should not be taken lightly, no matter what reasons it may be motivated by.

Outsourcing logistics affects the way the company is organised on different levels. For this reason, it is important to be assisted by your service provider when it comes to making the right decisions and assessing correctly what is required to meet your needs.

Apart from merely preparing packages and their dispatch, your service provider is obliged to offer a complete service, organising and optimising communication with the other departments within the company as well as with customers.

Communication has to be productive so as to avoid mistakes as well as inefficiency. It also has to be transparent, offering end customers vital access to information on their orders and packages.

  • With its two sites in Saint Jacques de la Lande and Bruz (in Brittany, near Rennes), Bretagne Services Logistiques has 30,000 m² of modern warehousing at its disposal.

    BSL’s warehouses are equipped to meet the highest security standards (fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, fire extinguishers...)

    BSL’s warehouses are also supervised by security guards and have video surveillance to prevent intrusion and effectively combat theft.

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  • In e-logistics, apart from having an efficient WMS (warehouse management system) at one’s disposal, it is also crucial to be exceptionally resourceful so as to meet all requirements in the field of e-commerce:


    The end customer is demanding and unpredictable:


    This is why we leave no stone unturned to satisfy end customers and keep them up-dated in real-time:

    - by producing packages to even shorter deadlines. Efficient computerised systems are just as important as your service provider’s organisational skills and ability to adapt to any given situation.

    - by providing information on product availability as well as on the order and delivery status. Once again, this is where computerised administration as an efficient instrument is required, making it possible to communicate with customers effectively.

    BSL knows exactly what customer relationships are all about and fits in perfectly with you and your customer relationships. Our key goal is providing information to customers and end customers alike in real time.


    Innovation has to be constant:


    In the field of mail order and e-commerce, Bretagne Services Logistiques has capitalised on an efficient concept while at the same time keeping up with the newest trends and adapting to every single market innovation – from different forms of exchange to developments concerning technology or business.

    Managing information has become standard practice, and real-time management has also become indispensible. The rise of multi-channel retailers and m-commerce make it all too clear – computerised systems must keep up with new developments, making it possible to share information immediately in the best possible way.


     Efficient logistics as a top priority:


    Thanks to its computer system, BSL optimises the production process before it even starts, introducing the measures necessary to be efficient and effective. Afterwards, the results are analysed. Examining the results carefully allows us to deliver real solutions, constantly improving procedures and organisation.

    BSL constantly strives to become even more efficient, reliable and quick to handle orders.

  • Naturally, preparing orders for dispatch remains at the heart of logistic services.


    In e-commerce, picking and packaging requires total attention to detail so as to produce complex packages as affordably as possible while at the same time managing information efficiently...


    BSL’s recipe for success is simple – the most important thing is knowing how to adapt to the ingredients...


    • Having a perfect understanding of what e-traders do is crucial. It is impossible to provide efficient BtoC logistic services without considering the specific nature of the e-commerce trade. With this approach, BSL has managed to understand what each customer really requires and has come up with solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.
    •  Adapting operational solutions to each respective task – at BSL, excessive automation does not exist. Even though it can make sense in some cases, creating an automised production process is not always the ideal solution…