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E-commerce calls on BSL to adapt continually

Providing additional services

As a result of their various activities, BSL's customers express very different needs which BSL adapts to constantly.

It goes without saying that BSL is the expert when it comes to mail order and e-commerce. In addition to these fields of expertise, the company has managed to develop a strong, flexible and proactive work ethos.

Thanks to this work ethos, BSL prides itself on adapting its offer to every demand – placing the customer at the heart of the business is paramount.

This makes it possible to manage all kinds of projects entrusted to us by our customers effectively and to use the transportation solutions offered by BSL to full effect...

  • special requirements

    When a customer consults BSL concerning an unusual project, a specific or even temporary requirement, BSL is committed to meeting these requirements in the best possible way.

    BSL has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the fields of e-commerce and mail order applications to satisfy each customer’s individual needs.

    • POS displays: no matter whether the job at hand is of temporary or regular nature, BSL is an expert in this field, with customers regularly enlisting our services for displays in France or procurement operations to restock their shops.
    • Custom-made packaging: some jobs require elaborate solutions such as assembling several elements (kitting) or preparing consignments. BSL has extensive know-how in this field.
    • Co-packing: when it comes to major markets, we are sometimes confronted with large-scale projects requiring automised production processes and expertise. BSL is well equipped to manage such projects and works alongside you.
  • Transportation management

    Optimising transportation is crucial when optimising logistics. Various aspects must be taken into consideration to provide the customer with a complete service package tailored to the customer’s individual needs:

    • Transportation costs: it is important to benefit from competitive rates and terms. With its bulk contracts, BSL offers you competitive rates.
    • Service quality: having reliable partners who measure the quality of service regularly is essential. Thanks to its proactive monitoring, BSL is your partner when it comes to quality assurance and management.
    • Satisfying the end customer: the recipient of the package demands the best quality for the lowest possible price, but there is more to it than that! As well as having real-time access to the delivery status at their fingertips, it is paramount that recipients also be able to decide for themselves exactly how and where packages should be delivered. BSL has set up a framework making it possible to satisfy your customers while at the same time functioning as an interface.


    When it comes to finding solutions for the dispatch of your goods, BSL works together with competent partners. Thanks to its bulk contracts, BSL can help you choose a suitable carrier and offers you a broad range of services:

    • Postal solutions in France:

    colissimo, colieco TS2 

    • Alternative solutions in France:

    dispatch in door to door networks and drop-point systems

    • Specialised BtoB solutions:

    various parcel express networks and courier services

    • International solutions:

    direct entry solutions and alternative networks